About Us

McFarlane Ranch and Excavation is family owned and operated by Pete and Sheila McFarlane in Arlington Oregon. We sit just above town and have the opportunity to raise our children, Haylee and Clay and the longhorns overlooking the beautiful Columbia River. Having the opportunity to purchase our ranch and bring Pete back to the area where his father was raised. Our ranch is just 45 minutes from Condon Oregon where the McFarlane Dairy was back in the early 1900s.

In 2019 Sheila went out to WB Longhorn’s in Arlington Oregon and met with Bill and Barb McKinny and purchased their first 3 registered Texas Longhorns, as a gift for Pete. We ended up purchasing their ranch in 2022, and officially started getting involved in the longhorn industry in 2023. Bill and Pete chose Ferdinand for Pete’s trophy steer back in 2019, we raised him from a baby, he has had some great adventures over the years, Ferdie means everything to our family. Ferdie is the staple of what we love in longhorns. Ferdie placed 2nd in TTT with 107.125 as a 4-year-old steer in the 2023 TLBAA Horn Showcase. As we got settled into our ranch in 2023, we started getting more involved in the longhorn industry, as we prepared to launch our excavation business.

We love that longhorns are something our entire family enjoys. We attended the Oregon Trail sale and futurity and the biggest little longhorn sale and futurity in 2023. We were able to bring home 4 cows, and 2 calves to add to our program. Sheila has spent hours on the phone learning from different breeders. Learning about the cows that we have, and how to advance our bloodlines. We have had the amazing opportunity to take the advice and leadership from so many knowledgeable breeders to help take our cows’ pedigrees and cross them on some of the best bulls in the longhorn industry to build the foundation for our small herd. It has been such an amazing opportunity to get involved in the longhorn industry and start taking part in the sales and futurities, we look forward to attending more events, and participating with our own stock. We really enjoyed meeting and getting to know some of the amazing breeders who have become lifelong friends. We strive to build a strong small group of cows, advance our genetics, and we love beautiful colorful cows, a flat rolled horn, with a med to large built cow, with a good conformation and a great disposition for the entire family to enjoy.

Pete and Sheila McFarlane